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Are you from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia,

New Zeland, Japan or Europe? Even if you are from
another countries you can help...


If you have a clear conscience you can help

to stop a killing of children, women and aged people on the
South-East of Ukraine. Please read the article for the real truth!

Even your reading can help to save a life of many people

including little children!


Are you from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zeland, Japan or Europe?
Do you know governments of your countries support Nazi regime in Ukraine for your money?


Your governments and mass media who are dependent on your government don't tell you a truth

and don't show you a truth about real situation on the South-East of Ukraine. Directly just now

Ukrainian fascist Army try to kill hundreds of people in Donbass. They already killed thousands

of people and continue this black job with help of support from USA and from some other

countries which are dependent on USA politics. Donbass people are guilty only because

during hundreds of years their native language was Russian, and they don't want

to support the present fascist regime and Nazi government of Ukraine.



How you can help? Please tell a real truth to your friends and to your family

about the real situation on the South-East of Ukraine and please don't support
criminal activities of your governments. Together we can help to save Donbass People!


Just see the real photos from Donbass and these photos can explain you

a real truth about present situation on the South-East of Ukraine.





These guys - Ukrainian Nazi who dream of killing all Donbass people including little children.





Governments of USA, Canada, some European and other countries try to support these guys.
Are you in sympathy with these Nazi? Your governments like and support them...




Ukrainian army shoot at residential areas of towns of Donbass

including even kindergartens, schools and hospitals.






There are many wounded children. Too many children were killed.









More than a half of year these children are obliged to live in the basement

because of constant bombardment of Ukrainian army.






This young mother with her little daughter was killed directly on the playground.







Towns of Donbass after bombardments of Ukrainian army.












Dear users, thanks for your time which was intended for reading of this little article.

Also you must to know at present time the fascist regime and Nazi government of Ukraine

is fully controlled and supported by governments of USA and European Union.

Ukrainian Nazi government can stop a war against people of Donbass only in case

 if they will have instructions from White House of USA.

Please inform as many citizens of your countries as you can about this situation.

We hope it can help to protect Donbass people from Ukrainian Army.


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About our mission:

Begining from Radium's time (1997) our goal always was - "Try before buy!"

Therefore after testing and learning if you found any product useful for yourself -

PLEASE don't forget to support developer and BUY IT!

As one of my good friends said: "We are not pirates, we are poor artists."

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Со времён Radium (1997) нашей целью всегда было - "Попробуй перед покупкой!"

Поэтому после тестирования и изучения, если Вы нашли какой-либо продукт полезным для себя -

ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, не забудьте поддержать разработчика и КУПИТЕ ЕГО!

Как сказал один из моих хороших друзей: "Мы не пираты, мы просто бедные музыканты".



If you are tired because of chaos which exists on the different

audio sites at present time - you are in the right place!

We still keep traditions and we follow to the Rules of OLD SCHOOL of Audio Scene.

Therefore we can ignore releases of any lazy team who has not respect to the users

and who make lame releases and packages of bad quality.

Such so named "releases" will be ignored, corrected and repacked because of the following reasons:

1. Incorrect names of releases and incorrect listed formats of content.

2. Bad description of release or even empty NFO.

3. Trash inside the content of release.

4. Incorrect packages or any other serious mistakes.

If you found any mistake on the site or if you have any questions - write us a letter.

Address is on the main (first) page of the site and in the end of this menu-page.

 Just click on the mail-box for address.


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Please use another web browser!

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Note! Important Info about 'FreeBonusLinks':

 For free users we can provide 'FreeBonusLinks' for download from our private places. Just click 1 time on the link

in your web-browser and make download (or mark the name 'FreeBonusLink', click right button of your mouse on the marked name and use "save object as" in menu).

At first we recommend you to disable Proxy in your

internet connection settings.

Please don't use download accelerators (download managers)

which make multiple connections,

or you will be automatically disconnected or even banned!

Just use your web-browser for download!

Free Users can use only 1 connection at the same time.



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David Lloyd Stern, a citizen of the USA, working as a CIA agent under cover in international media. This bitch, swine and beast was organizer and mastermind of the destruction of Boeing-777 Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

CIA involved in MH-17 atrocity!


CLICK HERE to read the real truth about this crime !!!



Уничтожением малайзийского Boeing под Донецком руководил агент ЦРУ!

Кликните здесь, чтобы узнать правду об этом ужасном преступлении!



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Write us your request for ViP-membership if you are interested.



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If you found any mistake on the site or if you have any questions - write us a letter.

Just click on the mail-box for address.




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