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7Aliens Catanya VSTi v1.0.1 Incl. Keygen-ASSiGN



What is Catanya?

Catanya is an advanced VSTi Pattern Arpeggiator with recordable Midi Output and easy DAW integration containing 1200 built-in ready to use patterns suitable for every musician or producer who likes to spice up his compositions.

What is so unique about this new Arpeggiator?
Catanya does not use old-fashioned Arp-Standards like Up, Down, Random but is capable of transforming simple chords into complex midi phrases in real time with no effort using it's unique pattern technology. It integrates seamlessly into DAWs like Cubase, Ableton Live, Sonar, FL Studio.

What is this new Pattern technology?
The Pattern technology is the essential element. Particular presets are patterns at the same time. You Play a simple chord and the selected pattern accordingly creates MIDI track with bassline ,higher notes and groove. You can fully program patterns or select one of the 1200 built in patterns which come in various music and instrument styles. The Output is MIDI standard and can be sent to your favourite synthesizer or sampler.



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